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      Advisory Committee

      The Federal Court Advisory Committee was formed in March of 2000 to act as a sounding board on many issues facing the court. The committee will also function as the liaison between the bench and bar, providing feedback regarding court personnel and federal practice issues. If you have an issue you believe should be raised, you may e-mail any one of the members.

      The Committee is composed of nine members who serve a term of three years, along with permanent representatives for the Federal Defender, Attorney General's Office, United States Attorney, CJA Panel, and Federal Practice Section.

      Membership Roster and Email Address

      Stephanie Bray sbray@nhla.org
      Peter Callaghan pcallaghan@preti.com
      William E. Christie wchristie@shaheengordon.com
      Samantha Elliott Elliott@gcglaw.com
      John Farley john.farley@usdoj.gov
      Debra Weiss Ford fordd@jacksonlewis.com
      Samuel R.V. Garland samuel.garland@doj.nh.gov
      Richard Guerriero richard@nhdefender.com
      Kathleen M. Mahan k.mahan@clrm.com
      Behzad Mirhashem behzad_mirhashem@fd.org
      Frances Cohen frances.cohen2@usdoj.gov
      Patrick J. Queenan pqueenan@sheehan.com
      Henry C. Quillen hquillen@whatleykallas.com
      Michael D. Ramsdell mramsdell@sheehan.com
      Edward J. Sackman nsackman@bernsteinshur.com