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      CJA Panel

      This section contains information for the court's Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel members.

      Web-based application for filing CJA vouchers and authorization requests.

      eVoucher Password Reset
      Instructions for resetting your eVoucher password.

      CJA Voucher Reference Sheet
      Provides information on voucher preparation, statutory payment maximums, expenses, and service providers, as well as a list of common voucher errors.

      eVoucher Attorney Manual
      Provides guidance to attorneys on filing vouchers and requests for authorization through eVoucher, as well as managing account and billing information, running reports, and customizing the eVoucher homepage.

      eVoucher Service Provider Information
      Provides guidance for CJA Service Providers on account creation and entering billing information.

      Fee Exempt PACER Accounts for CJA Panel Attorneys
      Provides information on how CJA panel attorneys can obtain a fee exempt PACER account for CJA cases.

      CJA Plan
      The court's Plan for the Adequate Representation of Defendants Pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act (CJA), dated February 2017.

      Panel Attorney Resources
      Provides general information and links to assist criminal defense attorneys.

      CJA Forms
      Download the CJA Proposed Budget Worksheet, CJA Time & Expenses in Common form, and CJA Fact Witness Voucher form.

      Membership Requirements and Application Materials
      Outlines the criteria for membership on the CJA Panel.