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      Interpreter Information

      The following information is for court interpreters. If you need an interpreter for a trial or hearing, please contact the case manager assigned to your case.

      If you would like to become a contract court interpreter for the District of New Hampshire, please contact Erin Callahan at (603) 226-7781 or erin_callahan@nhd.uscourts.gov. The court is currently in need of certified Spanish interpreters. If you are already a contract court interpreter and have questions regarding payment and billing practices, please contact Dale Trombley at (603) 226-7732.

      Information and Forms for Contract Court Interpreters

      Information for Interpreters Being Paid Under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA)

      Unlike contract court interpreters who provide services directly to the United States District Court and Probation and Pretrial Services office, interpreters being paid under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) provide services to attorneys appointed under the CJA. The CJA Interpreter Reference Sheet is applicable only to them.