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      Alternative Dispute Resolution

      The court sponsored ADR program commenced in 1999 and is governed by LR 53.1 and the Guidelines for Mediation Program. The program offers mediation and non-binding summary jury and summary bench trials. The parties can request court sponsored mediation in their Discovery Plan or by filing a Joint Mediation Statement.?As of?January 1, 2006, the parties can select their mediator of choice from the court's Mediation Panel List at their published market rate.

      FAQ - Answers to general questions regarding the mediation program

      Frequently Used Forms - Fillable PDF forms to assist in participating in mediation program

      Mediation Code of Conduct - Model standards of conduct governing the mediator, attorneys and litigants participating in court's mediation program

      Mediation Guidelines - Guidelines outlining the court's mediation program

      Mediation Panel List - Listing of mediation panel members, their areas of concentration and fee

      Mediation Panel Membership Information - Information on how to apply to become a member of the panel

      Mediator Resources - Resources for mediation panel members